Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Hair - Waterfall Braid

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 I first saw this braid a few months back and L-O-V-E  Love it ! I've been asked several times how to do it and so I thought I would post a tutorial online. Whats great about this hairstyle is that is works for anyone- short hair, long hair, curly hair, or straight hair. It adds a very bohemian look to your every day do. 

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The waterfall braid is a great summer look for strolling on the beach or a night out on the town; here are some step by step instructions from : 

Step One:
To start, part your hair the way you want it and be sure to brush out any tangles. If you want to add waves to your hair it’s best to do this before you start with the waterfall braid. Then take a section from the front of your hair, right on your parting and split it into 3, just like a normal braid.

Step Two:

Take the top section of your 3 sections and place it over the middle section, then take the bottom one and place over the middle section just as if you were doing a normal plait/braid. Angle your hands so that your hair is moving towards the back of your head and not down the side of your face for the next step.

Step Three

Before you move your top section over to the middle once again, you will need to pick up a little more hair from right beside the section, combine this with that section and fold over the middle section.

Step Four

Now instead of folding the bottom section over the middle you should drop that hair and pick up the section of hair that is hanging loose next to this section. As you fold this over the middle section you will see the section you dropped is now acting like a waterfall.

Step Five

You should continue with steps 3 and 4 until you have reached the point at which you want to stop! Some people start their waterfall braids on one side and continue all the way around and end with a normal braid/plait, others do one on each side and join them together and many just have them on the one side and secure them with a pretty accessory.

Here is a Youtube tutorial I found on for extra help:

Here's my version of the waterfall braid :)