Sunday, July 31, 2011

All the Single Ladies .....

Hello everyone! I wanted to start a blog to express my opinions and have a place to share with others recipes, new TV shows, and other neat finds I come across. 

There has been a growing epidemic every since Sex and The City started several years back saying its OK to be single and independent. From the rising cost of living to the lack of jobs, it has forced women to become more independent and influential, like talk Show hosts like Tyra or Oprah Winfrey and the View have also changed things for the better. Like Beyonce's new song says "Who Run The World? GIRLS!!! "

Regardless of whether you’re single or happily hooked up, women are taking the bull by the balls (or is it horns?) and not waiting for a man to determine the outcomes of their happiness. Nothing against you men of course! Are we so entrenched in tradition that automatically assumes a young woman must marry by a certain age, pop out a few munchkins, and follow in the foot steps of our parents and grandparents? Tough question and I know the answer depends on the individual. Before deciding, keep in mind the success or failures of our families relationships and that should give you more than a clue of what the hell to do. Just because you’re single doesn’t have to signify a transition period between finding your next partner. It’s okay to just BE SINGLE.

To be honest its the best time to do all the stylish things you’ve been putting off doing! Try rebuilding yourself to a new level. Or get on that project your last relationships for one reason or another prevented you from doing.

Again, take Sex and The City for example. It celebrates liberated women who showcase the highs and lows of single life.With the exception of terminally horny Samantha, the rest of the single gals were always on the look out for ‘the one’ and seemed to feel lost in the big city.. Stylistically speaking, I tend to lean more towards Carrie or even Charlotte. 

Women today are much more accepted living a lifestyle that until recently was only acceptable for men. In the not-so-recent past, it was quite acceptable for men to be free and single, but a single woman past the age of 30 was considered “expired” or an "Old Maid" by many outdated thinkers.This isn't the only place you'll hear it,  Many online journals for women’s tell us that single girls are well traveled, more experienced and that equals being happy and satisfied by the time we decide to settle down. That sure beats being forced by society to marry and have children by age 25. No wonder the divorce rate far exceeds successful marriages. Hello?