Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wanna Do Bad Things With You....

All I can say is TGIS....Thank God Its Sunday! Which means True Blood New Episode tonight at 9pm on HBO. For those of you who haven't yet tasted True Blood, I recommend sinking your fangs into it ASAP. You can watch old episodes from Seasons 1,2, and 3 on Netflix. If you haven't yet tuned in don't read any further... as for the rest of us Fangbangers what are your opinions so far on Season 4? 

I'm so excited for tonight's episode! I really feel like episode 6 is where it's all going to start moving very quickly.
What are you all hoping to get to see in tonight's episode? I wanna see:

Eric and Sookie finally losing their inhibitions 
Bills reaction when he walks in on them
Some insight to the whole evil doll/ Baby Mikey thing
Jason finally facing the full moon and turning into a Panther!
Pam hopefully fixing her situation with her face
Lafayette tapping into his powers 

Also for those who want more, I found this website that gives me plenty of Spoilers of whats to come to satisfy my addiction until the next episode: Wet Paint ... ENJOY :)