Sunday, September 11, 2011

True Blood Finale Spoilers!!!!!

Okay, Truebies.... heres some major dirt on the True Blood season finale! Michael Ausiello spilled it, saying, “By the end of the hour, the show will be down at least one series regular.” Of course we have our guesses, but now that we know it’s one series regular, at the very minimum, this really changes the game. Let’s go over the facts.

Marnie is not exactly dead, so there’s still some hell to pay in Bon Temps. Even though Bill and Eric “killed” her, Marnie’s hippy-dippy witch spirit has taken over poor Lafayette. Someone give Lala a break! There’s also that matter of Alcide killing Marcus. We can’t imagine that’ll go over well with the were packs.

Then there’s the finale preview. Bill and Eric are being burned Antonia-style at the stake, Arlene is in danger, and Pam is looking awfully distraught (but we’re pretty sure it’s not because she lost her newly-obtained vintage Cartier). And we know the fierce Pam only cries over one immortal being...

Oh no! Could it be... Eric? 

1. Alcide makes an appeal to the woman he loves!
Will it be Sookie or Debbie?

2. Bon Temps fills up with ghosts!
It’s Samhain (aka Halloween), so naturally the spirits of the dead rise up and start floating around town. Welcome back, Rene, Sophie-Ann, Gran, and all of Jason’s dead booty calls from season one.

3. Lafayette gets possessed!
Lafayette’s no stranger to the occasional possession, but this time his split personality threatens to ruin his relationship with Jesus. Considering that Jesus sprouts horns for no reason, you’d think he’d be understanding about Lala’s quirks.

4. Jason finds confession good for the soul, but bad for the body!
Who else thinks Jason tells Hoyt that he boned Jessica in the back of a truck, and then Hoyt beats him up? Just a guess.

5. Bill and Eric kick Nan out! Nan might be strong, but surely she can’t out-fang Bill and Eric if they double team her!
6. Sam and Luna imagine a happy ending!
If this is anything like the time Bill and Sookie imagined they were kindergarten teachers, we don’t see these two staying together.
7. Terry gets a visitor!
Judging from past spoilers, this must be Terry’s old war buddy, played by Scott Foley. We can’t wait for think hunk to hit up Bon Temps — though Sookie will probably just end up crushing on him. Sigh, men just aren’t safe.

8. A familiar face returns to Bon Temps!
Does Russell Edgington finally make his way out of the cement and avenge Talbot’s life?!

Get ready Truebies: Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) warns the L.A. Times that the Season 4 finale will end on one doozy of a cliffhanger.
"The finale turns Bon Temps upside down," he says. "Lafayette and Jesus are directly in the middle of it, and it doesn't end well. No finale in the history of True Blood has been worse than this one in terms of the cliffhangers.
"People are going to be [upset] because they're going to have to wait like seven months before they figure out what materializes after this finale."

Ugh seven months to wait is like an eternity....